Tokyo Hot n1249 n1250  Sexy Beautiful Secretary Sensitive Pussy =part 1= =part 2= Yuki Okamoto
Tokyo Hot n1249 n1250 Sexy Beautiful Secretary Sensitive Pussy =part 1= =part 2=

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Starring : Yuki Okamoto

Studio : Tokyo Hot

Series : Tokyo Hot

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Sexy Beautiful Secretary Sensitive Pussy =part 1=

Yuki Okamoto is a very sensitive girl. She working with Tokyo Hot C.C. as secretary. One day, she working in an office as normally, her boss has come into the office and ask her about her working style. He told her that someone make claim to her too much sexy. They cannot working as normal always making lewd delusion. She was puzzled. Suddenly her boss takes her jacket off. She wearing sexy one-piece dress under jacket. He touched her body and found that she doesnít put bra on her chest. He ofcource grip and rub her beautiful big boobs and roll up her one-piece dress to show her panty. He grip her cute nipples and sit her onto desk and open her legs to show her pussy and anal. Also open her pussy by his finger to show more deep.He kiss her and takes her panty off and lick her pussy and clitorises. She also exciting a bit. He giving finger fuck to her pussy and she has got cum immediately.He keep finger fuck to her pussy, she has got cum again. Suddenly another masked men are come into the office and come up to around of her. They touch and lick her body and her ears also nipples as well. One of guys lick her pussy and clitorises, she has got cum again. She seems very sensitive body she has.Then next, she has to takes a pose as doggy pose on the desk and guys push vibrator into her pussy and put rotor onto her clitorises at the same time. She has got cum again and again. Also they gives hard shaking by electric drill and electric massage machine as well. She has cum again and again.Some of guys show cock front of her face to blow job. She blow as after another as deep throat. When she blow job guys cock, another guy insert his cock to her pussy as back side position and cum shoot to her.

Starring : Yuki Okamoto
Duration : 01:01:11

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