The following helps to answer some of the many doubts from my regular members and customers.

1. Why are your DVDs so cheap? Is there a catch?
Ans: The reason why we are offering such cheap prices is because we hope to establish a regular customer and retailer relationship. Our service is your greatest guarantee. There is no catch. We can pass on the savings to you because we burn the back-up on high quality gold platinum DVDR for you.

2. Will I get my DVDs eventually?
Ans: Once we receive your payment through Credit Card, we start to process your order immediately. Furthermore, once you buy from us and you get your goods, we are sure you will be satisfied and buy more from us. This will be a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Are your DVDs playable on these platforms? (DVD player, PC, MAC, DVD players)
Ans: Our DVDs are tested on various DVD players and proven to be playable and watchable. For PCs, you will need to have Windows Media Player. I am using Ver.7 and not encountered any problem. Some titles(around3-4 titles) which are not payable on WMP, can be played on XingMPEG player. For MAC users, you should have no problems with Quicktime. However, for DVD players, some titles are readable whilst some are not.

4. How will my DVDs be packaged?
Ans: We are able to keep our prices low by minimizing the "frills" from our CDR copies. There will be no booklets or photo inserts included with each DVD, nor will there be a bulky jewel box (which would add to both CD prices and shipping costs). Instead, each DVD is packaged in a small, sturdy sleeve with a protective surface which guards the data surface of the DVD. Your order will be shipped in a plain package to protect your privacy. There will be no words or pictures suggesting "porn" or "sex" in it or anywhere else in the labels.

5. How will I be billed?
Ans: Currently, we only accept credit card payments. Your credit card will be processed under PayPal.com It acts as your direct "middleman" when you order a product from us. However, we do accept other forms of credit card processing. Just email us on any enquiries.

6. If I order today, when will I get my DVD?
Ans: DVDs are generally shipped within one business week depending on the volume of orders. We generally try to ship within the next two business days. Delivery takes between 7-14 working days depending on area. We will send out all deliveries by air.

7. What is your return policy?
Ans: We do not accept returns except for spoilt copies whereby we will do a 1-1 exchange for you.

For more questions not explained here, please drop us a note by emailing us.

8. Can I buy Digital Copies of the Movie?
Ans: Yes. All titles at a Flat rate of $5 USD. No shipping charges for Digital Download. Please submit a list of movies you wish to purchase to our email address. An Invoice will be send to you to make payment. Once the payment is made, a link will be provided to you to download the movies.

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