Tokyo Hot n0993 Perverted?Double?Play Kozue Kitahara Shino Aoi
Tokyo Hot n0993 Perverted?Double?Play

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Starring : Kozue Kitahara Shino Aoi

Studio : Tokyo Hot

Series : Tokyo Hot


Shino Aoi who is sexy beauty with beautiful legs and Kozue Kitahara who is neat and lewd girl have lesbian played. Two girls have got real acme. Of course dirty guys donít miss them. They comes up to two girls and watching play and cum inserted to them two times each. And also two girls gives guys semen into mouth each other. Finally they have pregnant as well. Kitahara and Aoi are nurse of Tokyo Hot Hospital, Kitahara told Aoi that she fall in love to a doctor of surgical department. But Aoi askd to Kitahara that donít love guys and we can enjoy lesbian play together. Aoi kissing to Kitahara immediately, but Kitahara also accept her kiss and feel exciting. Then she taking her clothes off and show masturbation to Aoi. They are, licking nipples and pussy each other. They are very exciting and have got cum. But unfortunately, while they playing hospital director has found and see all about that. They are surrounded by the things that you were lesbian play in working for director and other doctors. It is that the lesbian play is, evidence that sexual desire is too sump. And with that must divergence the libido, it is insulting to doctors. Doctors put rotor onto Aoiís clitorises, and Aoi has got acme, and Kitahara also put rotor onto her clitorises and insert vibrator to her vaginal. Then they are taking open legs pose and push electric drill to vaginal each other. Vaginal juice has come out from Kitaharaís vaginal. Then they are cum together. After that they are lick doctorís cock together and they lick pussy each other as 69 pose. While they licking pussy each other doctor has inserted his cock to her vaginal by back side position and missionary posture. He has given hard stroking to them and cum insert. After they clean up his dirty cock by blow job, another more doctor inserted cock to them and cum insert as well. After that day, many guys and lesbian women are coming to hospital to have fuck with two girls.

Starring : Kozue Kitahara Shino Aoi
Duration : 01:44:43

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