Tokyo Hot n0755 Fuck Lover CA Mayu Uesugi
Tokyo Hot n0755 Fuck Lover CA

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Starring : Mayu Uesugi

Studio : Tokyo Hot

Series : Tokyo Hot

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Fuck Lover CA

The punishment from Heaven was granted to a woman who has strong mind in spunky. It is MAYU UESUGI the woman of boast the glamorous body with beautiful tots & leg. Because she thinks to be the best woman by oneself she is the impertinent woman who completely looks down on disgusting men. However nothing is more delicious than an impudent woman's pussy. A pleasant sensation to insert in the foolish womanfs pussy and made to be subdued is exceptional. MAYU disintegrated mind and body by 29 vaginal cum shot that is repeated without taking a rest. MAYU fell to the meat slave who is lower than a beast that dripping urine in a deadpan. MAYU of CA receives a claim and is called after a flight. Although she runs to a customer in a hurry with a uniform figure but nobody is there. Immediately after electricity is turned off and it becomes pitch-black. When it became bright again there were many men there. They are being to finger after seeing body of MAYU obstinately. On earths who are these degusting men? Why does it have such an experience? However she is pressed down without an interval to think and is stripped off a uniform without being able to oppose it. The good shape beautiful tits appear. It is impressed by a pink nipple! And panty is also put off and pussy is exposed. It has been held in the open leg pose and finger fuck is made. It is stirred powerfully and pussy gets wet immediately. Then she is sucked cock one after another. She copes by hand job service & fellatio at the desperate look. However a cock appears one after another! MAYU is already just before a limit in fellatio hell. Immediately after cock inserted at sitting posture and piston continues at woman on top standing back and standing posture. It is held in an open leg pose and continuation fuck. It pokes powerfully with the expression which seems to be heat seriously. She asks for the forgiven but men are excited more. Then vaginal cum shot is made at back posture after the piston was carried out so powerfully that a cervix is destroyed. Although she is astonished at a vaginal cum shot and cries sorrowfully she is made to suck cock and is made cleaning fellatio. It is too miserable. And second cock inserted and semen is injected at side posture. The third cock inserted after cleaning fellatio. It is fucked at backward woman on top & standing back posture while being seen in disgusting men. It will be considerable humiliation. Then she is pressed down in an open leg pose and cock is inserted one after another is inserted and it is made vaginal cum shot. The semen of a total of 20 shots hits a cervix directly! MAYU is an abstraction state to vaginal cum shot hell. However a collar can be put on and she is dragged. It is pushed down on a sofa and the 2nd stage of insult starts. MAYU is threatened and is requested service play. It is tongue service play she licks nipple after licking a man's leg. After being made deep kiss men finger about a woman's whole body shortly. Many fingers can also be put into a pussy in an open leg pose and vaginal opening is extended. It looks a cervix very clearly! This may be split seriously! It is too severe. Immediately after three rotor toys are pushed in a vagina and she faints in agony. Clitoris is stimulated with an electric massage machine at the same time and a lower half of the body is cramped! And she is made acme. Then she exclaims to a stimulation of electric drill which attached dildo at the tip and she has convulsions for strong vibration! And she gets acme again. Although she entreats to want to return but she is made suck shortly. It is pushed many times and she made fellatio while writhing. Then cock inserted at missionary posture. It continues being stirred at bending side backward woman on top and back posture and pussy is overwhelmed. After a cleaning fellatio insertion & semen pouring is repeated 6times continuously! The inside of a vagina is full of the semen of a total of seven shots! The face is become muddy much. The appearance that she cries sorrowfully on the way and appealing for interruption is poor. The last is she squats down on a chair and made PISS SHOT. A pussy is extended with a finger and it is prolonged excretion. The jet from urethral openings is conscientious! It is bashful from beginning to end and there is nothing also shameful. MAYU has got sick to soul by frightful insult. After this MAYU is accommodated in a meat slave institution. It is made vaginal cum shot day after day and a change comes in mind again and grows up into a model slave. It hears that it appreciated as wanting to be born as a meat slave also in next world and has sucked the cock.

Starring : Mayu Uesugi
Duration : 01:34:49

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