Tokyo Hot n0852 Hard Sex Training Hitomi Oki
Tokyo Hot n0852 Hard Sex Training

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Starring : Hitomi Oki

Studio : Tokyo Hot

Series : Tokyo Hot

Hard Sex Training

Denied humanity and The only role of sex processing. Hitomi Oki who is a cute slender girl has captured. Guys taking her just for sex processing day after day. Might be better life for cute sensitive girl. She hasnft have any time for taking a rest she has to study to be a nice meat urinal by guys. If she has pregnant by unknown guys she have to say thanks. Please watch a girl who have to accept cum insert without condom forever. Oki has keep in a room by guys and teaching how to glow up to nice meat urinal by guys day after day. She eat a food can be use only mouth as a dog. After that she giving a blow job to guys cock and licking his ball. She have to obey to the guys. When she said to guys that she want to drink water but guys giving a his spit to her. Itfs so exciting to see a cute girls pervert play. Then she has to show her masturbation to the guys and she touch her pussy by herself. Around her pussy is shaved and pussy is little and cute. She has began to be excited and guys giving a electric massage machine to put her pussy on and she has cum. Her role that to entertain to the guys. Then guys bring her to bath room and order to washing his cock and blow job as deep throat. Then guys give a 2 rice ball to her for reward. That is cheep girl. Anyway that enough two rice ball for reward to her. Guys has touch and lick her breast and put rotor on to her pussy while she eating rice ball. Then guys push rotor into her pussy and she has cum again. Then she taking a open leg pose and put rotor onto her pussy and she has cum again. One day Oki has tried to escape from guys but it was miss. Guys take her back to the room immediately. Guys gave a spanking to her butt and hold standing pose with blind fold. But guys anger does not fit. Oki have to have a fuck by unknown guys who master has taking here. After that guys deep kissing with her and licking her pussy. Then guys put giving a vibration to her pussy by vibrator. And she cannot keep standing coz guys give a vibration by electric massage machine. She has sitting on the floor and guys order to blow job to his cock. And she has cum again by vibrator. Then she taking a blow job and hands job to 4guys cock and doing deep throat as well. Then guys have inserted his cock to her vaginal by back side position. Her pussy has getting wet immediately. Guys giving a hard stroking by standing back side position missionary posture and bent over position. She was so exciting by his hard stroking as cow girl position back side cow girl position and back side position and she has cum again. Then guys have cum inserted to her vaginal by side position. After clean up his cock by her blow job she has to accept second cock by missionary posture. Then guys cum insert to her. After that another guys has insert his cock and she said that she need to cum insert. Then guys have cum inserted by back side position. Then fourth and fifth cock has cum inserted to her vaginal and another cock inserted by open leg pose and cum inserted as well total 9 times. She just withstand with keep close eyes. After that guys has keep her as cannot escape any more. After that she has chaged to be a crazy that she understand her role is a pussy doll. She drink a guys semen for thirsty more than before and she spend her life as bottom.

Starring : Hitomi Oki
Duration : 01:43:45

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