Tokyo Hot n0808 2012 SP Part-1 Mako Nagase,Kurea Asuka Makiko,Tamaru Aika
Tokyo Hot n0808 2012 SP Part-1

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Starring : Mako Nagase ,Kurea Asuka Makiko ,Tamaru Aika

Studio : Tokyo Hot

Series : Tokyo Hot

It also comes this year! The year is not over if it does not watch this! It is a constant seller of the gangbang. It is the TOKYO HOT special that the pussy juice of the beautiful woman is scattered! The beautiful woman of this is AIKA MAKIKO TANAKA KUREA ASUKA and MAKO NAGASE. All members are a gorgeous body of the model class! It is an attractive beautiful leg and a sensitive pussy. Patience juice does not stop only at looking. And gorgeous beauties love to make service equally competent. It is begun from mouthful cum shot and they faint in agony intensely to emulate each other. It develops even into a lesbian play and there are some woman who also offers even anal! It is the beginning of sumptuous feast special that four superb pussy are messed up! The TOKYO HOT Airline begins special service in order to be opposed to the rival company. In addition to 4 CA there is glasses woman specialized in the maintenance dressed in working clothes. And it is also the captain. It is movement that takes the future of the company by all staff together. The crazy man who played the part of a reindeer appears under the pretense of the training for services just after that and riots. Even if a customer is madness support of a comfortable trip is a duty of CA. In order to make it quiet by showing pussy 4 CA become stark nakedness. Cuzco is thrust in an open leg pose and a cervix is exposed in order. The nebula pussy juice sticks to the cervix of ASUKA TAMATU and AIKA. The cervix of NAGASE is slimy with pussy juice too. It is an adaptable correspondence. They are really first-class CA as expected. The reindeer is settled down for the time being but all the CA are excitement states and it is exposed that they are super lascivious. Then it is CM photography to let everyone know the special service widely. A cock is made to be sucked one by one after four persons\' standing in a line and making pose. Immediately after they are made a mouthful cum shot. The semen direct hit scene in a super slow image is a must see. Then four persons are made mouthful cum shot one after another at a standing fellatio. It was 2 shots for AIKA ASUKA and TAMARU and 1 shot for NAGASE. It became the better face. On the other hand a glasses woman sucks the cock just after ejaculation and made cleaning fellatio. She supported special service as meat urinal woman. As expected she is specialist. It is perfect cock maintenance. Then four persons are made to service for officers. The panty is taken off immediately and they are made an open leg pose. The spectacle in which four pussies are located in a line is magnificent and indecent! Immediately after it is stimulated with an electricity massage machine and TAMARU twitches and is made acme! NAGASE and AIKA also feel as like compete and got acme. Immediately after AIKA is wetting the bed! And TAMARU and NAGASE are taken to another room and required a lesbian play. They hesitate but made deep kiss. They touched about the mutual body and feel gradually and it becomes a serious mode. At the same time they are made finger fuck by men and faint in agony. And it is stirred with a vibs toy and they feel much. Then finger is put in anal of NAGASES and she feels it much. Immediately after they grab at a cock and suck it. Immediately after cock inserted into anal of NAGASE at back posture. Then cock is inserted in a pussy at woman on top posture and also cock inserted into anal at the same time and it is simultaneous 2 holes fuck. In the neighbor of NAGASE TAMARU is made piston at missionary posture and she faints in agony much. It is just a sumptuous feast. And the vaginal cum shot is made twice continuously at missionary posture. NAGASE is made poured semen at missionary posture after cum shot is made into anal at bending posture. Labia meat is enlarged and becomes loose! Just after the ejaculation it is cleaning fellatio by the meat urinal woman. It can have a good feeling toward a way of service of the smile. On the other hand ASUKA and AIKA serve other men. They are made to make complete nudity immediately and are stimulated with a rotor toy. Then finger fuck is made and ASUKA & AIKA made female ejaculation! Pussy get wet much. And then they are inserted cock at back posture. They faints in agony much by the powerful piston at woman on top posture after backward woman on top posture of full exposure of connecting part. The hips which shake by each piston is so nice. They suck other cock at the same time and it is gangbang with which six men and women become entangled. Immediately after AIKA is poked powerfully and got acme! The pussy is already a soppy state before special service to a passenger. The fertilization certain & uterus disintegrate is inevitable in semen in large quantities. The beauty CA fell to the meat toy! Finally it rushes in to the part 2 that is made to change into an ugly slut!

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