Immoral Orgy Yuki Tsukamoto,Mao Misaki,Akira Watase
Immoral Orgy

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Starring : Yuki Tsukamoto ,Mao Misaki ,Akira Watase

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All Regions
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1 Disc Censored DVD

Summary: If you like to see women get raped this is the movie for you. The girls in this movie are hot and the sex scenes are long.

Scene 1: In the first scene a girl wearing a wedding dress is in the bedroom with a guy. They make out for a bit before they are interrupted by a phone call. The guy leaves and then an intruder wearing a Jason mask begins to rape her. He cuts off her dress with scissors and a knife. His mask comes off and so does her panties and he fingers her as she squirms. he eats her out before forcing her to suck his dick. He forces his dick into her pussy and fucks her roughly until he cums on her face.

Scene 2: In the next scene a girl with a lot of tattoos is sitting at a table talking to a guy that is smoking. The scene changes and now we see a different girl in bed reading a book and sipping a drink. A guy comes in and shows her pictures of the rape and then rapes this girl. He eats her out as she begs him to stop. He forces her to suck his dick before he fucks her. They fuck in different positions before he cums on her face and the first girl that got raped walks in on the scene.

Scene 3: In the next scene we see 2 girls making out in the pool. 2 guys find them and start raping them in the pool. They both get fingered in the water before another guy walks in and tells the guys what he wants to see. They get their pussies eatten under water before they are forced to suck dick. They get their pussies fucked in the water before the guys cum in the water.

Scene 4: In the next scene a girl is stretching in the weight room when a guy walks in and rapes her. He starts out fondling her tits and then fingers her pussy. He restrains her on a wieght bench and continues to finger her pussy. He forces her to suck his dick before he fucks her and cums on her face.

Scene 5: In the last scene 3 ladies are talking in a dining room. 2 guys walk in and one of the guys holds a knife to one girl and takes her out of the room. The other guy begins raping the other girl while the other girl watches. He unbuttons her top with a butterfly knife. He cuts her bra off and the other girl touches her tits. The other girl forces her to spread her legs and she rips her pantyhose. Her panties get cut off as well as the 2 continue to have fun with her. The other lady fingers her pussy as the guy holds her at knife point. She is forced to suck on a dildo before it gets shoved in her pussy.

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