Real World III Mai Sakashita
Real World III

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Starring : Mai Sakashita

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1 Disc Censored DVD

Summary: If you like rape, forced sex, and lots of blow jobs, this is the movie for you. Mai endures the abuses of the man that broke into her apartment. It also shows the fisty side of Mai, not wanting to have sex and putting up a good fight.

Scene 1: We find Mai with her boy friend walking in a park, enjoying each other's company. Little do they know that they are being followed by a man. The man finds his way to her apartment while her boy friend is away. The man uses force to remove her clothes and tie her up on the bed. She puts up a fight but it is useless. Her boy friend gets back and discovers that someone is attempting to rape his girl friend. Frantically, he tries to get inside the apartment by banging on the balcony glass doors. The man noticing the boy friend quickly runs away. Mai quickly gets off the bed, runs to the glass sliding door, and lets his boy friend in. He hugs her while she cries in his arms. But suddenly the man comes back and wrestles the boy friend to the floor, knocks him unconscious, and ties him up. The man did not leave the apartment. He was actually waiting for the boy friend to come into the apartment so he can tie him up.

Scene 2: The man continues to abuse Mai. He slaps her around, throws her back on the bed, and forces her to give her boy friend lots of blow jobs. He forces her so hard and so many times that she chokes on her boy friend's penis several times. Soon enough he kicks her boy friend off the bed and forces her to give him lots of blow jobs. He will eventually have his way with her and pump her until he ejaculates all over her face.

Scene 3: Next we see Mai, wearing a see through nighty and just a panty undernearth the nighty, walk into a bedroom. She picks up the magazine on the bed and starts to flip through it. Soon a man in his underwear walks in and attempts to have sex with her. She fights and yells at him, while he tries to remove her clothes and have sex with her. They fight and yell at each other for a while. Soon enough all her clothes were removed. The man is still trying to get her to have sex with him. Finally three other men came into the bedroom and talked to Mai. The man in the blue underwear gets a second chance to force Mai to have sex with him while two other men watched.

Scene 4: Eventually the man in blue underwear gives up. One of the other two men takes off his pants and proceeds to have his way with Mai on the bed, while the three other men take turns ejaculating on her face.

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